Course Updates

COVID-19 UPDATE as of 4-1-20  |  The State of North Carolina has issued a “STAY AT HOME” order effective immediately. The order has stated that outdoor exercise is allowed while keeping a minimum of 6 feet between you and others. Golf has been listed as acceptable outdoor exercise. The Divide Golf Club will remain OPEN as long as there are no government mandated closures or procedures that would alter our business.

For those that plan to visit our facility in the upcoming weeks, we want to update you on continuing protocols and procedures to reduce touch points at the golf course that have been implemented to help protect our staff, our patrons and our community. Frequently Asked Questions

Do Not Touch Flagsticks

The cups have been turned upside down in the holes to prevent the golf ball from going into the cup making it safer to retrieve.

Social Distance Tee Times

Tee times have been increased to 12+ minute intervals to create a greater distancing between groups on the first tee and the golf course.

Single Golf Cart Availability

We encourage walking. There will be single cart usage available. Tee time starts may be affected by availability of golf carts.

  • We recommend reserving your tee time online or by calling the course in advance of play. Due to increased intervals, tee time availability may be limited.
  • We have restricted access to the clubhouse to facilitate social distancing procedures.
  • We have moved the credit card swipe to the countertop and are asking all golfers to swipe their own card when checking in for golf.
  • We are asking for credit card purchases only. No cash accepted at this time.
  • We are repeatedly sanitizing all touch points on golf carts, in restrooms and the clubhouse. Steering wheels and seats are cleaned before and after each use.
  • We will leave all doors open when possible in the front and back of building as well as to the restrooms eliminating touch points.
  • We are sanitizing range baskets and range balls. Where applicable, pre-made buckets of range balls will be available to avoid transfer of range tokens.
  • Ball washers and water coolers have been removed from the golf course to eliminate touch points throughout your round.
  • All bunker rakes have been removed from the course. Smooth out with your feet as best you can.
  • Food & Beverage service is Take Out Only for food orders.
  • Just in case…maybe extend the “circle of friendship” on putts. We are encouraging giving putts inside of 2 feet.

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