The Single Plane Experience is an 7-hour school to the fundamentals of the Single Plane Swing and GGA Short Game Instruction.  Held in either 1 full 7-hour day, or over two 3 1/2-hour days, the Single Plane Experience will familiarize you with each of the core fundamentals of the Single Plane Swing, GGA Putting, Chipping, and Pitching instruction.  During your Experience, our fully trained and knowledgeable instructors will personally lead you to achieve each fundamental movement and position, as well as provide you with tools to continue your journey towards more satisfying golf after your Experience has concluded.

Need a little help with your game?  Specializing in all aspects of the game, our first class teaching staff can assist in taking your game to the next level. Junior Clinics and Private Lessons are available.

Mike Musialowski, PGA 
Single Plane Swing Technique
Email or call (704) 628-6438

Rusty Bumgardner
Head Golf Professional
Email or call (704) 628-6438

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