Golf Outings and Events

At The Divide Golf Club, our golf packages are designed for the group that wants a first class event.  You will more than impress your clients, customers, employees and friends.

The Divide Golf Club will provide everything needed to host your tournament, from one of the best golf courses in the Charlotte area to the friendliest and most hospitable staff anywhere.

At The Divide Golf Club, we can truly tailor a tournament to fit your needs. Whether it’s a corporate outing, charity event, or social occasion, our professional staff can create an event to accommodate your wishes and exceed your expectations.

We can assist you in the organization and execution of all details to make your outing an event to remember. With our banquet facilities, we can fully “cater” to your wishes. Whether it’s freshly packed box lunches or an elegant awards reception, our staff will ensure you get exactly what you want.

Your Event Coordinator will work with you to determine the best available rate. You may email request to Boyd Everling or Micheal Hamrick or call 704-628-6438 for more information about hosting your golf outing or event.

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    Confirmation of Date Availability:

    • Between The Divide Golf Club and Event Coordinator.
    • $500 Deposit holds Tournament Date.

    Days and Times Availability:

    • Tournaments can be held any Day of Week.
    • Day/Date/Time availability is based on number of golfers, starting times and any previously scheduled events.

    Group Starting Times:

    • 40 Players or more – Shotgun Start.
    • Less than 40 Players – Tee Time or Modified Shotgun Start.

    Final Count / Guarantee Policy:

    • Final Participant count due 8 days prior to event date.
    • Payment based on 8-day final count number.

    Pricing Customized based on the following:

    • Day of the Week.
    • Time of the Day.
    • Month of the Year.
    • Number of Participants.

    All Event Packages include the following:

    • Golf and Golf Car.
    • Driving Range Service.
    • Tournament Services.
    • Assistance with formatting, scheduling, promoting and budgeting.
    • Bag Drop staffed to aid players to and from cars.
    • Rules Sheets for all players – concise and colorful.
    • Cart Signs with Player Names and Custom Pairings.
    • Scorecards customized with Player Names.
    • Cart Signs & Scorecards can be customized with Sponsor Logos.
    • Scoreboard: Player Scoring.

    Email request to Boyd Everling or Micheal Hamrick or call 704-628-6438 for more information about hosting your golf outing or event.

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